Quadratic Equation Grapher & Calculator

Where  \(y=ax^2+bx+c\),



Use the form entry fields above the graph to change the parameter values of the quadratic equation. Click anywhere outside the entry field or press either TAB or ENTER to update the graph. The Quadratic Equation Grapher & Calculator program will automatically calculate and graph the new curve and show it in the graph, as well as display certain information about the resulting curve.

The Quadratic Equation Grapher & Calculator performs the math for you and displays certain data, including whether the equation is that of a linear line (when a=0) or a quadratic parabola function. If the curve is a line, the intercepts are calculated and whether the line slopes up up down is determined. If the curve is that of a parabola, the axis of symmetry, intercepts, and the vertex of the parabola are calculated and whether the parabola opens up or down is determined.

Play around with the values of a, b, and c in the form to see how they affect the results of the quadratic equation.