Tenebre.xyz is my personal web page and repository for those things I might want to share with the world. I have a variety of interests and hobbies, and I plan on adding links to some of my own pages and external links.

This web site was orginally created as a Single Page Application (SPA) served through JavaScript and JQuery, but for reasons of optimization, has been transitioned to use Server Side Includes (SSI) instead. These pages were made using Foundation and a text editor, with a Mobile First, responsive design. My math pages are extensively formatted with LaTeX. I had been using MathJax for displaying the mathematics on-page, but recently switched to KaTeX in order to boost page performance. Some public domain images from Pixabay have been used.

About Michael J. Weaver

I am primarily a programmer, with over a decade of professional experience using x86 assembly and C++. More recently, I have taken an interest in mobile Android development and Java. I have written my own 3-D game engine for Android, which I am currently using to develop a video game.

While programming is my dream, I have associate's degrees in General Business, Science & Math, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and American Studies. I have thus far received 21 A's, 7 B's, and 2 C's. I have previously been a certified electronics technician, and also hold certifications in copper cable and fiber optics installation, basic telecommunications, and as a customer service specialist.

I also enjoy producing music and have a deep passion for mathematics, physics, and writing.

If you feel the need, you can contact me at: mweaver@tenebre.xyz